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WAB Learns

Student EdTech: Read online

A guide to the most common questions and tools for students

eBooks and Audio books online on your own device are delivered on two platforms - both available online and as an app. Overdrive is the "old" platform and Sora is the NEW more student friendly app. We encourage students to use Sora.

In addition we have Kindles and iShuffles to loan to our community. These are pre-loaded with a range of books. Request the ebook or Audiobook from our lists and we will give you the corresponding device. Unfortunately we cannot load the Kindle or Audible books onto your device.

How to use Sora on your mobile Device

SORA on your iPhone / Android device

You can use the Sora app to borrow and enjoy digital titles from your library or school. The Sora app is available for Android and iOS.

Step 1: 

Download the app from your device's app store.

iTunes (needs a VPN)

Google Play

Step 2:

  • Make sure your VPN is on, or you're on the school Wifi
  • Open the Sora app.  Choose: Find my school.
  • Choose Western Academy of Beijing  
  • Choose either Western Academy of Beijing (for students) or WAB Parent Login
  • Sign in with your WAB login
    •  Students and staff: Use the part of your email address BEFORE the   (e.g.18ianj)
    •  Parents use your parent portal login email and the password:  wabtiger.

You now have access to the WAB OverDrive / Sora catalogue and can start borrowing books!


Do you need a way to access books when an internet connection or mobile app is not available? 

To support this need, we’ve added the option to download titles for offline use at

Note: This new option is available for students using Chrome. Students will need to download books over an internet connection (with VPN) before reading offline.

How does this work?
When a student visits, we’ll check to see if their browser has enough offline storage to support book downloads. If enough storage is available, will allow students to download books for offline use, just like in the Android and iOS apps. When offline mode is supported, Sora displays “Download settings” in the right menu.

How can students access their downloaded titles offline?
In Chrome, will prompt students to add a shortcut to Sora for an easy way to get back to their downloaded books when offline. Once offline, students can simply open their Sora shortcut and navigate to their Shelf.

iShuffle Audiobooks


When you sign into Epic: if you are at home you will be asked if you're at home or school
- unless you have a home account AND during school hours you should select "School - log in with your class code":






It will then ask for the class code.

  • Type in: hwj0274

You will then be asked to find your name - find your name (it's your first name and last initial) and you can start reading.

If you don't find your name, please contact the MS librarian Ms. Nadine to set your account up.

Kindle eBooks MS


Overdrive on your Mac

OverDrive on your Mac

Step 1: Finding a book

Go to

Login with your WAB  details:

Students and staff: Use your WAB email/password (just the part before

Parents: Use the parent portal email to login, with the password wabtiger.


 Selecting a book

  • Select the book you want and choose: Borrow > Checkout
  • You have the option to either read / listen in your browser (requires an internet connection)  OR
  • Download to your laptop (for offline reading / listening). Remember where you put the file! (see below)


Listening to Audiobooks offline.

  • Download OverDrive for Mac in the app store or here.
  • Open the app.  Choose  File > Open  and find the .odm  audiofile. 
  • Select it, upload into the app. it should start downloading the audio content.  You can either listen in the OverDrive app, or transfer the files to any audio device connected to your laptop using the app.


 Reading e-books offline

To download and read an  eBook offline, you will need to download and authorize Adobe Digital Editions.  Students can download from the self-service portal.

  • Download the DMG file, double click the installer and follow the prompts to install.
  • Now you need to authorize the app. Under the help menu select: Authorize computer
  • Choose Adobe ID (NOT Overdrive) and use your WAB details to create the account.
  • You are now able to download books and read them offline with ADE.