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WAB Faculty & Staff

Professional Growth at WAB: Committees

Whole School PG Committee

The WS PG Committee should include DILT, IB Coordinators, EARCOS Rep, Head of EdTech & IT, Library & EdTech Team reps (1-2), Student Support rep, Staff Association rep. EA-DILT for secretarial support.  

  • Finding, curating & sharing PL opportunities & resources. 

  • Review of past PL events, forecasting needs and making recommendations. 

  • Supporting WAB Labs, WAB Reads and other shared prof. learning. 

  • WS PL Committee meeting minutes shared in Files of Faculty Team --> PL – Growth Channel 

  • Input on strategic use of professional learning funds.  

  • Input on development of WAB’s Professional Growth Model.  

Meeting structure: Quarterly in-person. 90-120min. After school.  


Ongoing communication & project work:  

Sectional PG Committees

Sectional PG Committees should include Principal/VP, IB Coordinator, 1-2 Faculty, Staff Assoc. Rep 

  • Researching/advocating for sectional PL needs, whilst maintaining alignment with whole-school directions and priorities.   

  • Supporting the development of Wednesday professional learning.  

  • Supporting WAB Labs, WAB Reads and other shared prof. learning. 

  • Reviewing sectional PL applications that require discretionary funding.  

Meeting structure: Monthly in-person lunch/before school meeting.  

Ongoing communication & project work:  

  • Sectional PL Committee Teams Chat 

If you want to get involved, ask your sectional coordinator