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Tech for Leaving Faculty: Other China Related


Be sure your WeChat account settings have an alternative email address (not the WAB email)

You can still use WeChat to keep in touch when you leave China for good. You just need to attach your personal email to your WeChat account otherwise, you won't be able to verify your WeChat account when you change your phone number/email. Here’s how:

1. Tap on ‘Me’ then tap on Settings


2. Tap on Account Security


3. Tap on More Settings


4. Add your personal email address



Now, when you get your new phone number in your new country, you can just login with your email address and all your contacts from your time in China will be in the app.

Link Mobileļ¼š

You can link your phone number by going to Me > Settings > Account Security > Phone.

Change Mobile:

You can change the current phone number by going to Me > Settings > Account Security > Phone > Change Mobile, after changing, your previous phone number will be unlinked.

After you've linked your mobile number, you can use Mobile Contacts Integration to find your friends who also use WeChat and add them. You can also retrieve your WeChat password via your linked mobile number.


1. You can link your mobile number with only one WeChat ID. You cannot link your phone number with a new WeChat account if you've forgotten your previously linked WeChat ID. In such a case, you can retrieve your password via SMS (tap here to see password retrieval methods).

2. Once you've linked a mobile number on WeChat, you can unlink it only if you link another mobile number


Log into Vidigami as a teacher or parent and make sure you download your / your children's photos that you want to keep. 

Verification / Authentication / sign-up via Phone number

Many sites now require 2 factor authentication, and one of those may be an email account or phone number.

During the month or two prior to leaving China please make sure that you change this to your private email or another phone number. You may want to keep your Chinese phone number / SIM card for a few months until you have a new phone number as sometimes you're caught off guard with an account that you don't access frequently (like tax returns / government sites). You must make sure you maintain a balance on your mobile account, and you may want to change the plan to a cheaper data plan than your current plan. 

Blogs / children's blogs

If you are leaving WAB, you can download a copy of your blog to take away with you. Although we do not plan to delete blogs, we cannot guarantee to keep them forever. The easiest way to keep your blog, is to download the entire blog using the process below.

You must export your school blog BEFORE leaving WAB as you will not be able to do so once your account is disabled on 31st July.

If you just want to copy specific posts or photos from your blog, then you can copy and paste the text into a Pages or Word file and drag the photos onto your desktop and email them to yourself.  

You can also download your blog from home, although this may take longer. You CANNOT download a blog onto an iPad or phone. It must be from a computer. 

Once you have downloaded your blog, all your posts, photos, videos (from new Tiger Tube only) and comments will be compressed into a folder that you can copy onto a USB memory stick and take away with you. Please note that any post you make after downloading your blog will NOT be included.

To download a blog:

1. Go to the blog you want to download.

1. Go to site

2. Click on the Dashboard.

2. Dashboard

3. Click Blog Download.

3. Blog Download

4. Click on the blue arrow to start the download.

4. Download

5. When your blog is ready to download you will receive an email. You can then return to the Blog Download page or click on the link in the email to download the blog file. If you are a teacher doing this on behalf of a student, you can simply forward this email to the parents.

5. Email

6. You can download the blog from school or at home onto your computer and then copy it to a USB.