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Tech for Leaving Faculty: Blogs

Downloading your blog

If you are leaving WAB, you can download a copy of your blog to take away with you. Although we do not plan to delete blogs, we cannot guarantee to keep them forever. Once you have downloaded your blog, all your posts, photos, videos (from new Tiger Tube only) and comments will be compressed into a folder that you can copy onto a USB memory stick and take away with you. Please note that any post you make after downloading your blog will NOT be included.

You can also download your blog from home, although this may take longer. You CANNOT download a blog onto an iPad or phone. It must be from a computer. 

To download a blog:

1. Go to the blog you want to download.

1. Go to site

2. Click on the Dashboard.

2. Dashboard

3. Click Blog Download.

3. Blog Download

4. Click on the blue arrow to start the download.

4. Download

5. When your blog is ready to download you will receive an email. You can then return to the Blog Download page or click on the link in the email to download the blog file. If you are a teacher doing this on behalf of a student, you can simply forward this email to the parents.

5. Email

6. You can download the blog from school or at home onto your computer and then copy it to a USB.