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Tech for Leaving Faculty: OneNote

Save a Copy of your Class Notebook

Copying content from OneNote Notebooks

Many teachers, especially in the MS and HS, have made good use of OneNote in their classes. If you would like to take copies of your OneNote notebooks, you will need to ensure you have another Microsoft account (either from your new school or by using You will also need to go through the process one section at a time so be prepared for this to take a bit of time!
Please make sure that any school content in personal notebooks has been stored in your PYP / MYP or DP faculty teams
1. Setting up your external OneNote Notebook
  • Go to OneNote Notebooks on the browser and sign in with your new Microsoft email and password.
  • Create a new Notebook(s) where you want to copy content to

Add Notebook

  • Share the Notebook(s) with your school email.

share notebook

2. Go to the OneNote App

Open in App

  • You need to do the following steps in the OneNote App - they cannot be done on the browser or in teams.
  • Open the Notebook you've just created with your personal email
  • Open the Notebook you want to copy content FROM
  • Both Notebooks MUST be open to perform the copying

open both notebooks

3. Copy the sections you need across
  • Go to the Notebook / section you want to copy from
  • Right-click with the section highlighted

copy section to

  • Select the Notebook you want to transfer the content to and click "copy"

Select Notebook

  • Check the content has been transferred (you may need to sync the notebook and wait a while)

sync notebook