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Elementary Library: Taking Action

Step 6


  • I can take personal action and apply my learning and ideas into
    real-life situations.


The key to exhibition is to focus on issues you are passionate about.

Know your issue:

  • Identify the key challenges facing your community.
  • Find out what aspects and issues move you to do something.
  • Know what the different perspectives are and make the case for why people should care too.

Set your goals:

  • In order to identify your goals, and see the progress you have made, your goals should be SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. Plan and play to your strengths and get your community involved.

Build a network:

  • Advocacy for your cause works best when you get the support of others.
  • Brainstorm anyone you think might be interested in advocating for your cause and start letting them know about your advocacy plan.

Identify your ask:

  • Figure out who you need to ask and what it is you are asking.
  • Having these two questions answered will help you direct your message and identify how you can take action.

Do a thing:

  • Know that you have learned about your issue and get involved.
  • Put your passion on display.

Tell the world:

  • Share your story, your concerns and your passion with the world.


Learning from the past to help inform our decisions and choices now...