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Elementary Library: Tuning In

Tuning is is about activation students' prior knowledge and making student thinking visible to others in order to understand what students know, understand and any misconceptions they may currently hold. The goal is to unlock students' curiosity and wonderings about a concept. 

Sustainable Development Goals

SDG Goals In Mandarin

Tuning In to the Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Why is your sustainable development goal important?
  • What debates concerning this issue have you heard of?
  • What larger issues in the world are related to this content? (See connections between SD Goals)
  • What do you want to learn more about within your issue?
  • What aspects of this issue do we need to be concerned with in our community?
  • What do we already know about this issue?
  • What solutions have been, or are being, attempted?
  • Have any proposed solutions helped to solve the issue?
  • Have any proposed solutions failed?
  • What background knowledge is required to truly understand this problem?
  • When you are finished, explore some resources – books, websites, etc.
  • What research exists around this issue?

Ask Great Questions

Qualities of a great question:

  1. You cannot Google the answer.
  2. It is usually not easily answered.
  3. It does not repeat what is already known and is specific to the person or situation.
  4. It gives a lot of information and adds to existing knowledge
  5. It is opened ended and can't be answered by yes or no.

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