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Elementary Library: Tuning In


  • I can share what I know and believe about a topic, and come up with
    questions about what I want to find out.

Research Questions


Sustainable Development Goals

SDG Goals In Mandarin

Tuning In to the Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Why is your sustainable development goal important?
  • What debates concerning this issue have you heard of?
  • What larger issues in the world are related to this content? (see connections between SD Goals)
  • What do you want to learn more about within your issue?
  • What aspects of this issue do we need to be concerned with in our community?
  • What do we already know about this issue?
  • What solutions have been, or are being, attempted?
  • Have any proposed solutions helped to solve the issue?
  • Have any proposed solutions failed?
  • What background knowledge is required to truly understand this problem?
  • When you are finished, explore some resources – books, websites, etc.
  • What research exists around this issue?