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Factfulness, Inquiry & Global Ignorance: WEF: Strategic Intelligence

Resources for exploring Global Contexts through #Factfulness, the Global Goals and data-driven inquiry in the MYP & DP.
The Agenda Weekly

Thank you for signing up to the World Economic Forum’s knowledge platform. We’re constantly trying to improve the experience and are excited to announce a significant update.

You can now access strategic insights and contextual intelligence from the World Economic Forum via a new web experience at, and a new mobile app, Strategic IQ, on iOS & Android.

You can use your existing login credentials to access both the website and the mobile app.
Watch for a series of new features and engagement opportunities on the platform coming soon. In the meantime, here's a small sample of the insights you can access via our platform.

Discover Insights

AI and the workforce of the future:
It’s not just manual labour and routine tasks being impacted by artificial intelligence - tomorrow’s systems will also boost the performance of knowledge workers. (Harvard Business Review)

Machines and algorithms in the workplace could lead to a net positive growth of 58 million jobs if the right labour policies are applied. How can leaders shape a holistic job creation strategy in the Fourth Industrial Revolution? (Davos 2019 - World Economic Forum)

Cities in times of climate catastrophe:
UN-Habitat is looking at high-tech urban islands as a potential survival fix for communities at risk from rising seas. Is this what resilience looks like? (Atlantic CityLab)

To put things further into perspective, the Forum collaborated with Carnegie Mellon University's CREATE Lab to curate this series of visualizations to show the projected impact of sea level rise, air pollution, retreating glaciers, and renewable resource extraction.

Safety in the skies:
Fallout from the two recent 737 Max passenger jet crashes now being scrutinized may include more difficulty in winning regulatory approval for new technologies like long-awaited urban air taxis. (Wired)

A podcast from the Wharton School explores the potential fallout for Boeing, maker of the 737 Max aircraft involved in the two crashes. (Knowledge@Wharton)

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