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Factfulness, Inquiry & Global Ignorance: Gapminder

Resources for exploring Global Contexts through #Factfulness, the Global Goals and data-driven inquiry in the MYP & DP.

Why Gapminder?

Reliable, real-world data turned into outstanding, interactive visualisations. What data stories can we tell when we can see the data come to life? How does one country compare to another? What are the impacts of global events on development factors? 

Gapminder has to be seen to be believed, and will help us bust some development misconceptions. 

Dollar Street

What does life look like at the four levels of development across the world?

Take a virtual field trip across the planet, with thousands of photos showcasing the lives of families with different levels of income.

What do you notice? What questions does it raise? 

Going Further

What If I want to use my own dataset in the Gapminder tools? 

Luckily for you, there is a tutorial here

Getting Going...

The Gapminder dashboard is embedded below. Try a data-based inquiry using the interface. 

  1. Choose two factors to plot against each other & some countries, groups or points to track. 
  2. Predict - what will happen over time. What makes you say that? 
  3. Observe - make notes of your observations. Replay if you need to. 
  4. Explain - suggest reasons for the changes you observe. Evaluate against your predictions. 

Ready to Launch? Check out the rich resources for teachers and students from Gapminder. 

How Do Images Shape Our Worldview?

See how the rest of the world lives, organized by income | Anna Rosling Rönnlund

How to use Gapminder

Try this...

Access Gapminder and find your way around the dashboard and teacher resources. 

Take The Test


Click here to take the Gapminder Global Ignorance Test. You can even get a certificate...

Teacher Resources

Gapminder: Putting Data to Work