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Factfulness, Inquiry & Global Ignorance: Home

Resources for exploring Global Contexts through #Factfulness, the Global Goals and data-driven inquiry in the MYP & DP.

"Please return your brain for a free upgrade."

How globally-informed are we and our learners?

How can we make use of accessible databases, tools and provocations to generate lines of inquiry that enhance global engagement?

This guide has a range of tech and non-tech tools to evaluate global-mindedness, access real-world data and use to inspire meaningful inquiry. Including Wolfram|Alpha, Gapminder, Dollar StreetSDG Tracker, Making Thinking Visible, and more, these resources will help you enhance the international dimension of your units.


"To think about the future, we must know about the present." 

Hans Rosling (1948-2017)

#Factfulness is a disposition

A globally-competent learner needs to have a factful understanding of the world we live in; to be able to navigate and evaluate data and sources effectively and to take action on inquiry that has a solid foundation of well-learned knowledge and skills. As international educators, it is on us to activate these inquiries and be vigilant for outdated stereotypes and prejudices. To this end, we can use real-world data to tell compelling stories across the curriculum and to inspire meaningful inquiry in our learners. 

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Click here to take the Gapminder Global Ignorance Test. You can even get a certificate...

Factful Inquiry

Defining Inquiry, by Stephen for International School Magazine.