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WAB Faculty & Staff

Factfulness, Inquiry & Global Ignorance: DataViz

Resources for exploring Global Contexts through #Factfulness, the Global Goals and data-driven inquiry in the MYP & DP.

Getting Connected to Real World Data

There are many great accounts to follow on Twitter for data visualisation, real-time data analysis and information on development trends and world events. Data visualisations are a useful tool for generating lines of inquiry on a topic and finding inspiration online is easy.

Be sure to check for accuracy! 

Image: Evolution of Larry the Twitter Logo, from Icons8

Our World in Data

Our World in Data, creators of the SDG-Tracker resources do a fantastic job of mapping and visualising global development data. 

The True Size Of...

Check out Try  to see how the Mercator projection skews our worldview.

Simon Kuestenmacher

Simon Kuestenmacher of the Demographics Group in Melbourne gathers and shares data visualisations from across the internet. 

#Factfulness on Twitter

Follow the #Factfulness hashtag to find more like-minded souls! 

Data 4 SDGs

Information is Beautiful

A rock star of the #datavis world, David McCandless's "Information is Beautiful" presents accessible, interactive and referenced visualisations of global issues, complex topics and big numbers. One key to successful datavis is making the hard-to-conceptualise visible. 

Charity Navigator

The Charity Navigator site compiles transparency data for many charities, mostly in the US. This can be useful if you are finding out who is working on a global issue, and out of the many available charities, who might be the most reliable to connect with. 

3D Population Map

Beautiful Book: Dear Data by Giorgia Lupi & Stefanie Posavec