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HS EdTech: Your Brain on Tech

Tech Tools, tips, how-tos and resources for High School.


It can often feel like learning & technology are competing for our brain's energy and attention.

Technology is here to stay, so we need to learn how to be healthy, happy & productive when we use it. We can learn a lot from neuroscience and learning science about how to make technology help our learning without causing harm to our wellbeing. 

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Sleep & The Teen Brain

Do you know just how important sleep is for the Teen Brain?

See these resources for more depth on why it is critical to manage your sleep, reduce your stress and be efficient in your use of technology. 


How "Digitally Distracted" Are You?

Digital Distraction can be a serious problem for wellbeing and productivity. Take this quiz to find out more. 

The Digital Distraction Loop

Your Brain on Tech: Slideshow

Workshop slides below. If it does not appear for you in SharePoint, try this link

Mac Apps to Block Distractions

If you are working digitally, try to block distractions with these simple tips: 

  1. Make and stick to a to-do list. 
  2. Use a timer technique such as the pomodoro (tomato) timer to break your work into chunks
  3. Clear your workspace of clutter and make it as quiet as possible - or listen to music without lyrics. 
  4. TURN OFF: chat apps, social media, phone notifications... 

Your tech can actually help - here are some Mac Apps that might help you retain focus when you need to get things done:

Pomodoro Timer: Goal Setting & Chunking

This goal-setting and chunking graphic organiser can be printed and used to help plan your work and get things done. 

  1. Determine the overall goal for your work and how long you have to get it done. 
  2. Determine your "stop" time. This is an important step, it gives you a limit to work towards. 
  3. Identify interim goals for work completion. If you really focused - no distractions - for 25mins, what could you achieve? 
  4. Identify a "rewards" for the short breaks. 
  5. Clear all distractions and get to work
  6. If you scan the QR code at the bottom, it will turn your phone into an interval timer. Go fullscreen to avoid distractions. 

You can print the image below, or click here for a pdf. Originally posted at

Digital Thieves

What are the digital thieves of your time and attention

Take 5 minutes to make a list of barriers to your focus and motivation. 

Set a plan: What will you do to overcome them? Who can help you? 

Get to Work!

We will often procrastinate large tasks: this is natural and we can overcome it with "chunking" and focusing on the process. 

  • Set "micro" goals for process. 
  • Use a timer technique for focus and rest
  • Block apps and distractions 
  • Turn OFF the tech when you can

Get To Sleep!

Planning your finish time for work is as important as planning your start.

You need to make sure that you are in bed well before midnight, as early as possible. If you really need to be on your laptop in the evening, reduce the impact of "blue light" on your sleep hormones. 

Sleep Tip:

Count back 9 hours from when you need to wake up in the morning. You should aim to be in bed, screens off, by then. 

It's Not Just Kids

TigerTech HS Flex/SEL/ATL Resources

Resources for WAB High School Flex/SEL/ATL sessions are developed by Stephen Taylor, Learning & Technology Coach, in collaboration with team leaders and teachers, using a range of reliable, recognised frameworks. 

IB ATL Skills


Harvard Education

International Society for Technology in Education

Google: Be Internet Awesome

Digital Intelligence & World Economic Forum