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HS EdTech: Equity Maps: Discussions (iPad)

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Why Equity Maps?

Equity Maps is an iPad app that empowers the learning community to make good use of discussion data. It can be used to promote equitable, high-quality discussions. Conversations can be recorded and analysed ad the data visualisations produced can be used in formative assessment and group goal setting. 

Find out more from their website, and read more about the method in Alexis Wiggins' book The Best Class You Never Taught, from ASCD. 

Stephen has a copy on his iPad if you want to try the app. 

Equity Maps Videos

What can it be used for?


Socratic Seminars

Spider Web Discussions™

Lit Circles

 Harkness discussions*


Critical Friends Group® work

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

Strategic Planning


Collaborative Meetings

Classroom Observations

Lesson Study


Instructional Coaching

Faculty Dialogue

Peer Observations