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HS EdTech: Mentimeter - student responses & feedback

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Why Menti?

Mentimeter is a quick and easy way to gather student feedback, questions and responses using their devices.

Information is collected as quiz questions, feeds, word clouds or graphics. 

What is it?

Mentimeter is an easy interactive presentation software tool.

You can use it to collect class student responses, making it a good way to generate group formative data and student questions on a topic. It presents data in visual and interesting ways and is useful for generating lines of inquiry, surfacing misconceptions or creating "hinge questions" for a topic. 

Getting Going...

  1. Go to and sign up using your WAB email. 
  2. Have a look at some of the "inspirations" for uses
  3. Create a simple new presentation
  4. "Present" your creation and use to test it on another device. This the way students will see and interact with it. 

NOTE: Free Mentimeter only allows two questions per presentation. This is enough to gather class data on hinge questions or feedback on the topic. If you want individual student data, other tools (including Moodle quizzes) are better. 

Tutorial Videos