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HS EdTech: Sketchnotes

Tech Tools, tips, how-tos and resources for High School.

Visual NoteTaking (Sketchnoting) is a creative way to focus on learning. It is great for vocabulary, organisation, processes and more. Have a go with some of these tips! 

  1. Identify something you need to learn: a topic, concept or problem. 
  2. Think about the key ideas and important information. What do you really need to know? 
  3. How can these ideas be represented with visuals? 
  4. Try to organise one side/page to summarize and synthesise the topic. 
  5. Share your work and get feedback!

What's the science? 

The Learning Scientists have a great blog post called "Learn to Study Using Dual Coding". Check it out! Poster below. 



Icon resources

Make Your Paper!

Sylvia Duckworth

Verbal to Visual

Mike Rohde

Dr. Sue Pillans

Dual Coding


Student sketchnoting

Creation Resources

Visual resources

Made with Padlet

Dual Coding from the Learning Scientists