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WAB Faculty & Staff

HS EdTech: EDM / Music Production

Tech Tools, tips, how-tos and resources for High School.


Get Started

  1. Open Garageband
  2. Download essential sounds and all available sounds
  3. Use the Quick Help button if you have never used GB before. 

4. Create a New Electronic Project

5. Start creating using the tutorials. 

Make, Show, Teach

Make a track, beat or loop

Show us

Teach us how to do it

Other Software

Garageband is a great place to start as is it free. You might want to go deeper or make something more advanced. Here are some other options. 

T = Tell something we liked

A = Ask a clarifying question

G = Give a suggestion or advice

Get More Loops & Samples

Learn More

Video Tutorials

If you have a midi keyboard: 

If you are using iOS: 

DJ Skills

Learn About EDM: A Rich History of Culture & Creativity