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HS EdTech: Google-fu

Tech Tools, tips, how-tos and resources for High School.


A Search-master can quickly and reliably access quality resources, find media and navigate the internet with efficiency and skill. 

Google-fu is a practised set of digital approaches to learning skills. 

It's Not Just Google

Although "to Google" has become a verb, it's not the only search engine and - depending on the purpose - it's not always the best. Check out some great alternatives to Google below.

Wolfram | Alpha

A "computational search engine", Wolfram|Alpha has to be tried to be believed. Instead of just presenting information, W|A will mine databases and calculate outcomes. AND it provides reference lists of where it got all the data. If you need to search for anything to do with data, try Wolfram|Alpha out. 


If you are completing a simple search, consider using Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees.

Find out more about how it works here, and add the Chrome extension


"Because It's Not Google" (and because it's not blocked in China), BING is a powerful search engine powered by Microsoft.

Most search tips for Google apply just as well to Bing. Here are some more advanced search features for Bing that you should know (from LifeWire). 

How to Use Google Effectively

Check out this infographic from Mashable

Pro-Tip: Find The Expert

When you are researching a topic, how can you quickly find the expert(s) in the field? 

  • Most-cited authors, creators or organisations
  • Known experts and leaders in the field
  • Reliable authors

Expertise cannot be replaced by Googling and surface learning. 

Google-Fu Challenge

Try the "Google A Day" challenge.

How well can you find your way around the internet? 

Books & Scholar

Use to search for journal articles and primary sources. 

Use to search inside books. 

Google Tips & Tricks

Chrome Extensions