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HS EdTech: Plickers: Paper Clicker Student Response System

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Why Plickers?

Plickers is a free medium-tech response system for gathering feedback and quizzing small-large groups of participants.

It relies only on the presenter's laptop and mobile being connected to the internet, so can be used with less reliable internet or where you might not want participants to be distracted by devices

The workshop leader prints a set of free plickers (paper clickers) and sets up the questions. During a presentation, the presenter uses their own device to record audience responses, with "live" data being projected. Plickers can add fun or theatrics to a presentation, and is great for occasional "hinge" questions and peer instruction. 

Getting Going...

Why Peer Instruction?

"Everything Involves Critical Thinking." 

Harvard's Professor Eric Mazur reflects on why peer instruction works well, and how he evolved from lecturing into peer instruction based on formative assessment quizzes. "Find someone with a different answer and try to convince them." 

Try This...

Create a Hinge Quiz

Create your Plickers account and set up some "hinge" questions for a topic or concept you are about to teach. 

  1. What is so important that all students need to grasp it fully to be able to move on? 
  2. What are some common misconceptions? 
  3. How might you put the quiz to work in creating a peer-teaching moment?