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Teachers Edtech: Education Perfect

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Education Perfect - An Adaptable Content Provider

Education Perfect

Why EP? 

  • Adaptive, adaptable, and fully customisable
  • Content aligned with many of our standards
  • Assessment elements, analytics, and "just right" next steps

EP can save teachers a lot of time in lesson and resource preparation, supporting differentiation by readiness and interest in units of inquiry, leading to more flexible learning pathways and time focused on students' learning and feedback. 

EP has a growing library of content and resources:

  • Links to Moodle
  • Embeds in Teams
  • Variety of task types and engagements. 
  • Competitions
  • Student personalised pathways

Getting Started with...

Helpful Links from Training Sessions

Task & Homework


Please note that task/homework/assessment times are based on your computer clock, wherever you are. So, if your students are in Beijing, please factor in the time difference when you set work.

Creating/editing your own lessons on EP. 

EP Platform Tutorials