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Teachers Edtech: PerplexityAI

Find out about WAB's tech systems, tools and subscriptions and how to use them

PerplexityAI - GPT-Enhanced Search

Getting Started in Perplexity

1. Go to (VPN needed). You can try for free, or make a free account. 

2. Use the slides for examples of how Perplexity can help you in your work. 

Important notes:

  • Do Not upload student information (inc. full names or other personally identifiable information) into Perplexity or any other AI tool. 
  • Check all resources produced by AI tools carefully for accuracy, usefulness & misconceptions/bias. 
  • AI tech tools are developing, changing, coming and going very quickly in a competitive market. Caution against becoming reliant on them. If there are outputs you really want to save, keep them in your OneDrive. 

AI Tools for Inclusion & Multilingual Learners