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Teachers Edtech: More Tools

Find out about WAB's tech systems, tools and subscriptions and how to use them

More Tools Overview


Padlet allows you to add a variety of media and respond to posts by others in your group. All students and teachers have paid accounts that they can access.  Visit the GUIDE or go directly to WAB Padlet


Flipgrid allows you to share video responses to prompts with your class and beyond.  See and hear from every student in class and foster a fun and supportive social learning environment. Visit the GUIDE or go directly to Flipgrid


Wakelet is a simple, powerful curation tool for collaboration and sharing. Save resources from your browser with an Edge extension. Then organise resources in collections and share with groups of students. Visit the GUIDE or go directly to Wakelet.



Create collaborative learning experiences where students and teachers can share thoughts and ideas in real-time. Use in a browser or on an iPad.  You will need to request a paid account. Visit the GUIDE or go directly to Explain Everything.


Integrates with our library catalog tools to help students organize referenced sources and share with the teacher for oversight.  Visit the GUIDE or go directly to Noodle Tools.





WAB'S Canva district account lets you easily invite students in your class and share with colleagues. Canva is a friendly way to create inspiring visual products. Visit the GUIDE or go directly to Canva 


Adobe has an easy alternative to its full-featured Creative Cloud (below). An intuitive drag-n-drop interface similar Canva lets you create graphics and stories. Login through Adobe Creative Cloud. 


Create professional digital products with the full range of Adobe tools including Photoshop and more. Visit the GUIDE to learn about the different tools available in this suite. 


Create games and virtual reality experiences using a block-based coding environment Contact EdTech to find out more and to get an account. 


Build augmented reality scenes that work on their own in a browser/mobile device or integrate with VR headsets. Check out more on our GUIDE or go directly to ThingLink and login with Microsoft. 



Education perfect makes self-directed learning fun, formative, and effective.  Visit the GUIDE or go directly to WAB Padlet


Lalilo is a new tool that is used in the Early Years to Grade 2 for literacy engagement and formative assessment.  Learn more about Lalilo on our GUIDE or go directly to Lalilo


Kahoot is a game-based platform that makes it easy to learn and casually assess in a fun and social way. WAB has a limited number of premium licenses Check with EdTech for a license. Check out more on our GUIDE or go directly to Kahoot and log in with Microsoft to edit/create.


Newsela adapts relevant and engaging content from trusted sources to a range of reading levels. We have a full subscription through 23-24. Visit the GUIDE or go directly to Newsela through Clever.


Bring concepts to life through augmented and virtual reality.  We have a set of 8 headsets that you can use with students.  Contact EdTech to discuss opportunities and check out THIS PAGE for some great ideas. . 



Search all our primary library databases from one screen. EBSCO integrates with Noodle Tools for a seamless experience. Visit EBSCO HERE.


Kid-friendly resources in a wide variety of subjects that include ELL, Spanish and French in addition to the standard English content. Access with Clever or go to Brainopop and login with Clever.


Sora has a range of eBooks and audiobooks available for WAB teachers and students. Access can be limited off campus.  On campus, go to Overdrive and choose the WAB Library subcription.



Built into Microsoft Teams, this tool offers all the features needed to help students learn how to search like a pro. install the Teams App to access.  MS-HS teachers can assign search projects through assignments as well.