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Teachers Edtech: Outlook

Find out about WAB's tech systems, tools and subscriptions and how to use them

Email - Create and Send

People - Create Contact List

1. Go to Outlook on the browser > People.

2. New > Contact List.

3. Create a list for each student with both parent emails by copying and pasting from the Powerschool Parent List PDF.

4. To edit a list, Select it and click edit.

5. Repeat the process for a Whole class parents contact list.

Remember, it can take up to 30 minutes for your new lists to sync before you can use them in your email.

Calendars - Booking a person

To schedule a meeting with one or more people, use the Outlook calendar.

1. Go to Calendar > New Event.

2. Add the person by typing their name.

3. Open the scheduling assistant.

4. Adjust time/date, add additional attendees (if required) and the location/room.

5. Check everyone's availability. Click Done.

6. Enter a title, choose a location and click Send.


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