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Teachers Edtech: Core Tools

Find out about WAB's tech systems, tools and subscriptions and how to use them

Microsoft 365: Enterprise Suite of Apps and Services

Microsoft 365 is the suite of tools that we use for cloud-based content management of all files, messages, user information and much more.  Before looking for a 3rd party tool,  try one of Microsofts apps first.  To explore all the things you can do, visit the Home Page for M365.

Microsoft Teams: Communication, Collaboration and Class Teams

Microsoft Teams is the first place you go to communicate and collaborate with colleagues and manage your digital classes in Grades 6-12.  Teams serves as a platform connecting the entire Microsoft 365 suite of tools and a wide variety of other 3rd party tools. Visit the Teams Guide for more. 

Microsoft Outlook: External Email and Calendars

Email is still necessary, though mostly to communicate externally or with internal groups across different departments. Microsoft Outlook is still the best way to manage your calendar and set up meetings. Email is also much more likely to introduce malware, so tread carefully and report phishing and spam. 

Toddle: Planning and Learning Management in the ES.

Toddle is the planning and learning management system (LMS) used in the Elementary school at WAB. Toddle supports the full cycle from collaborative planning, designing and facilitating learning experiences, collecting learning evidence, and ongoing assessment of and for learning.  Learn more about Toddle HERE.

PowerSchool: Student Information Management

PowerSchool is our Student Information System. It is used for scheduling and to manage specific information about all our students. PowerTeacher Pro is the teacher-facing tool that is used for attendance and reporting.  For more on PowerSchool,  click HERE

MyTime: Flexible Scheduling, Mentoring, and Experiential Learning Accessory

MyTime is a bespoke software program that allows WAB to run its flexible scheduling, experiential learning, and mentoring programs. It can be used to manage a wide variety of personalized programs in theMS-HS and is also used for attendance in the High School. Learn more about MyTime HERE

OneDrive: Cloud Storage and Backup on all Devices

OneDrive is your personal backup solution for work and learning. Every employee and student gets 1TB of data storage on the cloud with their Microsoft account.  All of your important school documents must be backed up in OneDrive if not stored on a Team site.  Learn more about OneDrive HERE

Standbench: Web-based planning tool for MS-HS

Teachers in the MS-HS use Standbench to plan instruction and share intended learning outcomes with colleagues and families. Standbench can be accessed HERE