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WAB Faculty & Staff

Teachers Edtech: Powerschool

Find out about WAB's tech systems, tools and subscriptions and how to use them

PowerSchool & PowerTeacher Pro


In this guide:

  • Logging into Powerschool.
  • Recording Attendance.
  • Printing Student information reports (eg. class lists).
  • Accessing Student information (eg. parent details, medical alerts).
  • Bulk copying parent/student email addresses.
  • PowerTeacher Pro - Creating assignments, managing assignments, entering grades.
  • Entering report comments (ES).
  • Printing report cards.

Recording Attendance

Entering Report Comments (ES)

Print Report Cards

Logging into PowerSchool

Printing Student Information Reports

Accessing Student Information

Bulk Copying Parent/Student Email Addresses

PowerTeacher Pro

PowerTeacher Pro Features 2021 by Keri-Lee Beasley

PowerTeacher Pro Video