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Teachers Edtech: AI Tools

Find out about WAB's tech systems, tools and subscriptions and how to use them

Looking to learn more about generative AI and need a place to start? The tools below are a carefully curated set that will address most of the generative AI scenarios teachers and students at WAB might find value in.  There are an ever growing number of tools in the AI landscape, but some have very clear and ethical uses at WAB.  The tools below align with our vision of teaching and learning and are easy to connect with and use.  For a much more comprehensive treatment of AI and the potential for innovating classroom learning, please see the Innovation Guide for AI.

Search with AI

  Tool Name Login and Accessibility Description Student

Login:  No account needed. Can login with Google or Apple to save chats, use latest models, or upload files.
Cost: Free. CoPilot paid.
Accessibility: International Only; Web, iOS and Android.

Perplexity is a chat-based tool that functions as a search engine.
It summarizes results and provides the sources that back them up. 
You can chat with the tool to ask further questions about the search results.  Find a full guide on this HERE.
Unlike ChatGPT it can provide current results (after 2021).
13+ with parental consent
Bing Copilot Login: Accessible with WAB Microsoft account  
Cost: Free
Accessibility: Web browser,  
Bing is linked with Chat GPT and is available directly from the Bing search engine.  As a search tool, it can provide results that are current and reference web-based resources.  ☞Instructions HERE 18+
Unavailable on student licenses



Teaching, Learning, and Productivity

  Tool Name Login and Accessibility Description Student
Magic School 

Login:  Login with WAB Microsoft account
Cost: WAB Paid Subscription 
Accessibility: From WAB or using WAB VPN.

Includes the most relevant tools teachers need to save a lot of time.  The Magic Tools area allows you to  generate a wide variety of teaching tools and resources.  Ideal for teachers, not students.    Currently for Teachers. 
School AI Login:  Create uname/pwd or Google 
Cost: Free
Accessibility: International Line.
Create bots for students to use to check for understanding.  Explore a variety of pre-made topic spaces. <13 
If <16 do not share any personal information

Login:  WAB Microsoft  
Cost: 60-Day free premium trial. 
Accessibility: International Line.

Adapt any text or article for any reading level. Get quick informational texts for any topic - with vocabulary, comprehension checks, and more. Tweak to your liking and share with students.

Designed for Teachers. 
Sider Login:  Google, Apple, or phone number even your China Mainland number!  
Cost: Free 
Accessibility: International Line.
A great sidebar browser utility that  extends search, generates text content, summarizes, and gives access to Bing, ChatGPT and Bard. That's a lot in a small package.


No specific mention of age in terms.

Create with AI

  Tool Name Login and Accessibility Description Student
Adobe Firefly

Login:  Use your WAB creative cloud account.
Cost: Included in your subscription. Request from IT
Accessibility: International only; Web browser

An ethical choice for image generation 
Firefly utilizes its stock gallery and public domain assets to train its model. 
Canva  Login:  Use your WAB email to sign-into WAB Canva. See HERE
Cost: Free
Accessibility: International only; Web browser or iOS device
Canva uses its own language model to generate images from text.  You can find the text-to-image generator as a content type at the bottom of the left hand toolbar. A summary of Canva AI tools is here. Canva's new Education tools are also here <13
With teacher consent and supervision
Padlet Login:  Login with Microsoft. 
Cost: Free
Accessibility: International only; Web browser only.
Padlet has both a resource generator and an image generator. You can find the text-to-image generator under the three dots titled "I can't draw".  Magic Padlet is the sparkle tools under Create.


with teacher consent and supervision

Research Tools

  Tool Name Login and Accessibility Description Student

Login:  Signup with Google or by creating a username and password.
Cost: 5000 Free Credits
Accessibility: International Only; Web browser

Search for academic sources and abstract summaries. Includes links to PDFs where possible, and filtering options. 13+
Chat PDF Login:  No account needed but can login with Google.
Cost: Free plan limited to 2PDFs per day.
Accessibility: International Only; Web browser.
Simple tool to draw information out of complex text in PDFs.  Once a PDF is loaded, you can ask it questions, and Chat PDF will provide short answers.  Do not upload any personal or student data. 13+ with parental consent and supervision
Consensus Login: Recommend logging in with the password-less email verification. 
Cost: Free
Accessibility:  International Only; Web browser,  
Consensus allows you to chat with a collection of research papers.  The tool synthesizes answers in an attempt to find the "best fit" conclusions. 18+