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Teachers Edtech: MS-HS Remote Learning

Find out about WAB's tech systems, tools and subscriptions and how to use them


This page is for technical support on setting up and running a remote classroom in Teams. Please refer to the Guidelines below in the event of closure for an overview of the policies and procedures around this.

☞ MS Remote Learning Guidelines 

☞ HS Remote Learning Guidelines


1. Generate Meeting Links

Steps Video

Easily schedule class meetings with minimal notifications:

  1. Go to your Teams calendar

  2. Find any meeting instance of your class block. 
  3. Click the block and select Edit
  4. Add participants to the meeting (or the class group
    **see below**) and Send Update. If you are co-teaching/mentoring ensure your co-teacher is also

    a presenter or co-organiser. 
  5. Select the meeting again and copy the meeting link❗️G6-8 Meeting Options should look like 👉THIS
  6. Ensure that Online Meeting is switched on.
  7. Post the meeting link into the Channel you use for communication with your class. You will use this link for all class meetings.  

** To find your class group to invite, begin typing the class name as it appears in PowerSchool (Subject Grade - Teacher Block)**


❗️If you have updated to the new Teams client,  you will see a slightly different meeting screen. 

  1. You will need to ensure that Online Meeting is switched on.
  2. Click More Options to access meeting options. 
  3. You will need to give MAC OS permission to share your Teams screen.  (see IT)

2. Communicate

Resources Overview


23-24 Communication Guidelines for Posts in Teams by Keri-Lee Beasley


  1. Post instructions and outcomes in the
    appropriate channel once per week (at a minimum)
  2. Where relevant, include:
    - A title for the activity with dates
    - What is the intended outcome?
    - Where/how is it to be completed?
    - Where can resources be found?
    - When is it due?
  3. Make sure your post:
    - has visual/multimodal elements
    - is organised & linked
    - is purposeful & consistent


3. Host your Class or Mentor Meeting

Steps Video

Host and record your meeting

  1. Go to your Teams calendar
  2. Join the meeting 
  3. Click record
  4. Call in any missing students
  5. Download meeting attendance and submit to Powerschool (MS) or  MyTime (HS).
  6. For more information on Polls / Breakout Rooms / whiteboards
    and other interactivity see:



Some new features in Teams Meetings (updated Dec 13)

5. Engage Your Learners

Resources Overview
Engage Students with activities and content online by Kevin Crouch

Engage learners asynchronously

with content and activities. 

  1. Share course materials as links or
    attached files through Teams Posts. 
    Turn deliverables into an assignment
    (see the next section below).

  2. Organize a wide variety of content in
    the OneNote Notebook that is already
    attached to your Class Team.
    👉 See this tutorial for more. 
    You can also refer students to a curated
    Libguide for your unit if it is built.

  3. Use your favourite 3rd party tool
    such as Education Perfect,
    Newsela, Explain Everything,
    FlipGrid, Wakelet, Padlet or
    Nearpod to curate and
    share content and give feedback.  


! Important:  If you have a new laptop or have updated to the New Teams you will see this message when trying to share your screen.  You need to give Teams permission to share your screen as below. 

6. Assign Tasks

Steps Video

How to Assign Tasks

  1. Go to your assignments tab of your team
  2. Create the assignment and select the students
  3. Upload the document where you want the students to work in 
    (a) if work is hand-written or created students can scan using
    Office Lens or take a picture to upload in a powerpoint or document
    (b) assignments in OneNote can also be set through the assignments tab
  4. Create the rubric for the assignment (if applicable)
  5. Set the due date and time (not midnight).
  6. For more information on assignments see THIS GUIDE



7. Provide and Seek Feedback

Resources Overview

The feedback cycle

  1. Check the Status column for assignments turned in
  2. Select a box under Feedback to add comments for a student.

  3. Select the top checkbox to return work to all students or select the
    checkboxes next to individual student names.

  4. Select Return > Return.

  5. Students may have the option to amend work and return it again (Student status: "Returned for revision".)

  6. Finalise the assignment by "closing" it.


Useful Tech Tools for Online Learning