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Teachers Edtech: Education CoPilot

Find out about WAB's tech systems, tools and subscriptions and how to use them

Education CoPilot - Your AI Assistant

Getting Started in CoPilot

1. Go to Education CoPilot and create an account using your WAB email address. You will be whitelisted for an account, so no need to pay. 

2. Visit the Following parts of the site to see what they can do for you: 

Important notes:

  • Do Not upload student information (inc. full names or other personally identifiable information) into CoPilot or any other AI tool. 
  • Check all resources produced by AI tools carefully for accuracy, usefulness & misconceptions/bias. 
  • AI tech tools are developing, changing, coming and going very quickly in a competitive market. Caution against becoming reliant on them. If there are outputs you really want to save, keep them in your OneDrive. 

How Does CoPilot Get Better?

CoPilot, like most other tools, is developed on GPT-3 large language models. This means it is created and trained on massive amounts of data. It interprets the prompts you give it (instructions) to generate outputs. So... more detailed prompts, better outputs. 

  • The tools in CoPilot cannot search the internet, they generate outputs from training data. This means there might sometimes be incorrect information or misconceptions. 
  • The tools in CoPilot basically act as automated prompting and formatting interfaces, to save teachers work. 
  • Periodically, CoPilot will 'fine-tune' the model based on the input and output data in the system. Over time, this should make it more tailored to educational use. 

AI Tools for Inclusion & Multilingual Learners

Feedback On Student Writing In CoPilot

CoPilot for Student Feedback by Stephen Taylor

Example CoPilot AI FreeStyle Prompts & Results