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Teachers Edtech: Timelines

Find out about WAB's tech systems, tools and subscriptions and how to use them

Timelines for Learning

Timelines are wonderful tools for helping students visualize historic events. Incorporating images and hyperlinks help bring timelines to life. The tools below help students and teachers create beautiful informational timelines for a range of purposes.

Timelines with Canva

                            Searching in Canva for 'Timeline Infographic' brings up a huge range of templates to start from. Work with a template or start from scratch. For more information on getting started with Canva, please check our Canva Guide.


Timelines with Padlet

Padlet is a great tool for collaborative work, but we sometimes forget it can be just as useful for individual work as well.

Go to and create a new Padlet. Choose Timeline from the list

Add Dates, images, hyperlinks, and more to bring each post to life.